The Mojave Trail

The 'Mojave Trail' is a roughly 250 mile (402 km) hiking trail located in Southern California, USA, that traverses through the Mojave Desert, including a good part of the Mojave National Preserve.

The 'Mojave Trail' is intentionally a wilderness trail (aka: a trail with no actual foot path -- you hike from point a to point b any way that you want) and currently over 40% of the trail is, an will intentionally remain, a wilderness trail.

The current Eastern terminus is Fort Mohave and the current Western terminus is near Silverwood Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains.

The current route roughly follows the Mojave Road and the Mojave River for the first half. The second half follows a wilderness route that traverses along the Rodman Mountains, taking you right past the Rodman Mountains Petroglyphs, through the only two trail towns along the entire route (newberry springs and lucerne valley) and into the lower north side of the San Bernardino Mountains, with a final termination point of the Silverwood Lake area.

See our "Route page for additional information on the current status of the Mojave Trail route.

See our "Future page for additional sections of the Mojave Trail that are planned but not currently mapped/routed.

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